Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Magical Moving Grid Heads

Ever work on a project and find the Grid Heads moving on other Views when you intended them to only be moved in the current view?
Grid heads have a 3D and a 2D feature built into them.
Typically.. out of the box... they are set to 3D.. which means when moved, they will move in all other similar views (example: all the plan views). But you can switch this setting to 2D on an individual Grid Head basis in order to move the Grid Head where you need.. and this will NOT effect the other views.
Here's how:
Select the Grid line.. you will see (NEAR the Grid Head) a small annotation of '3D' or '2D'. If it is set to 3D, then by clicking on this small annotation you can switch it from 3D to 2D.. and then the Grid Head can be safely fulled to a new location. 

You can switch it back to working in 3D and connected to all the other views by aligning the 2D head to the little CIRCLE on the grid line. The 2D annotation will switch back to 3D. 

NOTE: This 3D/2D functionality works on LEVEL MARKERs too when working in Elevations and Sections!!

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