Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adding more Options for Interference Checking

You can use the power of Revit to increase your options for interference checks. Instead of only checking for items that occupy the same space, why not check for interferences in equipment clearance spaces?

You can add clearance spaces to your equipment families, such as panelboards, that are not visible by default but will still report an interference if an object is occupying the same space.


Erik said...

We have actually created three clearance classes/materials.
Code Clearance= Red
Service Clerance=Yellow
Operating Clearance= Green

Code and service clearance are pretty self explanatory, and Operating Clearance is for movement of equipment (some medical equipment has a pretty big Operating Clearance) or space necessary for the operator (which can be a fuzzy line with Service clearance.)

We created subcategories of whatever Family Catagory the object is (mostly mechanical and specialty equipment)and map their geometry to it.

That way we have quick control over how the object displays for coordination.

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