Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Color by Worksets

There are some options for you to help see the different Worksets visually.. and can be found by clicking this little button (across the bottom of the screen):

Worksets can be color coded visually to represent a few different scenarios:

If set to Checkout Status - you can visually see who has different Worksets checked out. We don't typically check Worksets out, so this won't help much. Just sayin'.
If set to Owners - you can visually see who owns what.
If set to Model Updates - items that have been updated since you did a Sync to central will turn a color. Also, items deleted since you did a Sync will be highlighted a different color.
If you set to Worksets - each Workset will turn a different color - giving you a quick visual.

You can set the colors by clicking on the Worksharing Display Settings...

One other way to visually display the worksets is a simple button I like to use. On the Worksets dialog box there is a button to 'Grey Inactive Worksets'. So make sure you are on the correct Workset (active) and then check this button.. the rest of the model goes gray. All items are still editable.

Happy Reviting

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