Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reveal Around the End of a Wall

I've had enough people ask me this so I decided to post it.
This is a simple thing that is often misunderstood.
When an embedded reveal comes to the end of a wall - it can't wrap around the corner.
So sorry Charlie...

So, you simply have to create a separate wall of JUST THE MATERIAL that is doing the wrapping.
When this new wall is placed along the end of the primary wall - the materials wrap right around the corner just fine.
And any 'embedded'reveals will wrap also.
Bahda Bing.

But if the reveals were placed as Hosted Sweeps (NOT EMBEDDED) - the returns can be edited to 90 degrees and pulled back across the end of the wall.

This can't be done to embedded reveals.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: Don't fake stuff. Build it right so it works and looks right and can also give you accurate material take-offs.

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