Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you really BIM ready?

Requirements for BIM deliverables are becoming more prevalent in RFP’s for building design and construction services. Are you and the rest of the project team prepared to satisfy these requirements?

Do not fool yourself or others; buying a box of BIM software does NOT make you BIM ready. Preparedness to satisfy the BIM deliverable requirements entails an understanding of the Integrated Project Delivery process. It requires all project team members (designers, constructors, owners and other key players) to embrace the nine principles of IPD. Otherwise, it will be difficult to fulfill the requirements for a BIM deliverable let alone achieve the benefits of an IPD approach.

There are many issues to consider and you should not attempt this process alone if you are new to it. You should bring a BIM subject matter expert on board your team to help you be successful in the process.

You can download the AIA Integrated Project Delivery Guide from In this document you will find the nine IPD principles along with a wealth of information to guide you along the IPD path.

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