Friday, May 2, 2008

Hooray! The new versions are out!

The 2009 versions of Revit have been released! New features and many bug fixes make this an exciting time for those of us who have been working with previous releases. One note of caution (I know, such a party pooper) be careful when upgrading projects from a previous version to the 2009 releases. Especially with Revit MEP. The new Spaces feature may require some reworking of schedules and data analysis, so watch for stuff like that.

Also be sure to Audit your files when you open them with the new versions.

Check back here for more information on all the cool new stuff with the Revit 2009 products, coming soon.

Oh, and HOORAY for Mike and Heather!

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miker the biker said...

Thanks for the HOORAY for Heather and I!
It's GREAT to be married!
And thank GOD she is not a BIMWIT!