Saturday, March 29, 2008

Face Hosted vs. Element Hosted

Trying to decide which is right for your project? This is an important decision that should be made as early in the process as possible. Here are some key factors to consider:

Face hosted components
* will remain in the model when their host is deleted
* can be used to attach to faces in the model or to faces in a linked model
* components hosted by a ceiling face do not move with ceiling grid lines (they will stay attached to ceiling face when elevation changes)

Element hosted components
* are deleted when their host is deleted
* must have a host, therefore requiring Copy/Monitor of linked elements
* components hosted by a ceiling will move both horizontally and vertically with the ceiling, maintaining alignment with grid lines

Your best bet is to use Face hosted when dealing with linked models. In any other case a good rule of thumb is: when in doubt, use Face hosted.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Can your Revit Structure do this?

With a few clicks of the mouse, can YOUR Revit Structure select the most economical K-Series joists for the loads and spacing that you specify? The Revit API provides a means for you to extract data from your Revit project file so that you can perform the necessary calculations and update your Revit file with the results. Imagine the possibilities for automating many of the routine tasks that you encounter day-to-day. Imagine how you can minimize errors that may otherwise occur when you perform these repetitive tasks manually.

Revit Link Miss-Coordination

Miss Coordination will show up and make your life miserable.
She shows up when you link in a Revit file that is a CENTRAL file back at your consultants office.
But WAIT... I thought this was BEST PRACTICE?!!!
It is best practice ONLY if you open their file DETACHED from CENTRAL, and SAVE it back on top of itself... BEFORE YOU LINK IT IN!!!
Otherwise - little Miss Coordination will put items in the wrong places and make your life a living HELL.
So to speak.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tail wagging the Dog

There is an old joke:
"How can you tell the extroverted engineer? He looks at YOUR shoes when he talks to you instead of his own."

MEP engineers and designers are used to being at the tail end of project design and the sharing of information. Using the tools that Revit provides for effective and efficient project collaboration can ease the pain of late-in-the-game design changes. By sharing a project model, the engineers can quickly see changes and how they affect their design. This should promote communication within the project team. Yes, Mr./Ms. engineer, you're gonna have to talk to them... :)

Chart Your Course to IPD Success

You can travel many different paths when using BIM in an Integrated Project Delivery process. The paths you and other IPD team members take will depend on many factors. These include the purpose of the model, level of detail to include in the model, procedures for sharing model information and other factors. Meet early and conduct workshops with your IPD team to discuss these factors so you will chart the best course...the success of your project depends on these early discussions. The IPD process is new…don’t assume other team members will know which direction to go.

DWG Integration

Don't do it.
Trust me... don't EVER import and explode DWG's into your Revit files.
YES.. Revit can Import DWG files - but it is seriously bad practice. They bring with them a myriad of layers/objects that get converted to linetypes and your materials, text styles, filled regions, etc... gets ALL screwed up... Basically your Revit file turns into a major case of FUBAR.

If you absolutely MUST... "LINK" a DWG in, USE it for a temporary underlay to create a toposurface or some other geometry - and then REMOVE it!

Just like a bad habit... It will only cause you heartache if you keep it around.

CIVIL 3D or Revit Civil

Anyone wonder why they don't come out with a flavor of Revit for Civil Engineers?
I really like the SITE tools that come with Revit, but why not make a REAL solution and give us Revit Civil!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Revit will Eat your Lunch...

Revit will eat your lunch.. or.. will play nice.
It all depends on how you implement!

Rush right in and figure all your superior AutoCAD knowledge will get you thru.. and trust in the way you USED to do things.
Bye-bye Sandwich.

Approach it with a plan and open mind.. implementing Revit into your company strategically.
You enjoy the benefits and power of fully integrated Project Delivery.

Your choice.